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#Inktober sketches


As I’ve mentioned, this month I’m participating in Inktober, I was sketching from a natural history book but now I’ve switched to doodling, which is an art in itself (I even got a book from the library on doodling).

I’m really pleased with the paisley pattern on the left, but not so much with the mandala sketch on the right (I think because my circles are a bit wonky – I should have used a compass). I love the little tiny details.



Pumpkins everywhere!


This morning at our local coffee shop – the Blue Butterfly Bistro on Main Street – I had an iced pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone. It was wonderful. It made think of the differences between coffee culture here and in Seattle.

WP_20141010_10_08_45_ProThe first of course being that my pumpkin spice latte was iced! Even just thinking about iced beverages in October seems odd, let alone the traditional, cozy,  hot pumpkin spice latte.

The second is that there are no drive thru coffee shacks. Not even Starbucks here has a drive thru. How do people manage having to park and get out of their car to get their morning cup of joe! It is awful. So often the kids and I wish we could just do a quick after school drive thru for hot drinks and pastries, but nope. Not here.

There are two Starbucks in town – yes, just two.  And both have terrible parking and one rarely has an open table. The other though has a lovely patio where there are always open seats and gorgeous weather of course.

Needless to say, on the plus side, I’m saving lots of money.

When I’m not stitching or sketching


WP_20141007_18_09_04_Pro… I’m likely reading and this week I absolutely cannot put down Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I have to admit to watching the movie several times, it is one of my favorites (and sadly, no longer streaming on Netflix). The edition – which I got from the library – has a list of other books by the same publisher. It’s like a who’s who of authors. I’m going to make a copy of it and make my way through it as I hate being at a loss for a book when I’m at the library and haven’t put anything on hold.

I’m also just finishing up Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon. It makes me want to read Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. My artwork ranges between art (prints) and craft (textiles) so I think it will be worth my while to read it as well, even if there is some overlap in content.

Finally, I’m also finishing up Tabloid Dreams, short stories by Robert Olen Butler. I’m really enjoying the quirky subject matter and his writing style.

Retired woodcuts


WP_20141006_14_55_25_ProI’m not trying to make my blog all about old pieces of work that I’ve done, it just seems that way. Last year a good friend of mine arranged for me to show my work at a shop in Issaquah, WA.  I decided to retire a number of woodblocks that I knew I was unlikely to print with again. I framed them using the reverse side of painting boards, simply gluing the block to the frame. I absolutely adored how they turned out.

Yesterday I hung the pieces up in our new home and again, I’m so pleased with how they look. I does make me want to not just carve more blocks but to get printing again.


30 Days of Art


Two years ago this month I participated in a challenge to make a print everyday for thirty days. I, of course, chose a pretty time consuming method but I got through the challenge and loved the final results. I thought I’d share some of them again today.

WP_000447     WP_000454

WP_000456     WP_000458