I Heart You

Some months ago a friend saw a small pin I had made and asked if I could make it as a pillow.  My immediate answer was yes, but then I thought about it.

The original pin was made of hand dyed wool felt that I know longer had access to and even then, I needed at least a yard of material. I had no choice but to dye my own to get the effect that I wanted. I’ve dyed fabric before, mostly linen and cotton and even then, I’ve only used natural dyes. This week I finally bit the bullet and started to experiment. The answer this time lay in doing the opposite of what the directions called for.  Add salt, nope. Hot water, kinda. Stir constantly, nah. I was so pleased with the results.

The pillow is 16″ by 20″. Entirely hand stitched with cotton thread. The fabric is a wool and rayon blend.  Interested in one for your home? Visit my Amazon shop! I’m also happy to make other organ related pillows.


A Site Update

I decided that my site was due for an update. It’s been ages since I’ve done a major overhaul so yesterday I spent several hours at my desk playing with WordPress. WordPress is simple to use and a great place to start when building a website. Everything is fairly self-explanatory, there are so many customizable themes available and widgets to add. That being said, you can still get bogged down but somehow I muddled through and here it is. I still have a couple of CD’s of photos to add from shows that I had in Seattle, and I need to play around with them a bit but overall, I like where it’s heading.

It’s always hard to spend time being a business person when you are an artist. Updating shops, fiddling with a website, applying to shows, doing books — all necessary things that must be done. But… they all take time away from being an artist.

Art is hard work.

Shopping Made Easy

I have a shop!

I’m so excited to be a part of the rollout of Handmade at Amazon! Amazon is making no bones about it, they are going head-to-head with Etsy.  I love Etsy, and often buy from a number of artists that I particularly like. When I heard that Amazon was accepting applications from artists for their new venture I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

Setting up the shop was super easy. Adding and managing inventory is a simple process. The only question I had was around shipping (and I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it) so I emailed customer support. Within a few hours they called me, helped me through my questions, asked if they could do anything else to help, chatted for awhile about my experience so far and thanked me for my question.  Whaaaat? Personal customer support?! Actually, that’s exactly what I expected from Amazon.

If you get a chance, stop by my shop. I hope you enjoy looking around!   Save the link to your favorites!


WP_20150906_15_07_19_Pro 2

Sugar Skulls

The other day, in a flurry of activity, I made a small collection of sugar skulls. I entered them into a call for art for a gallery nearby. Unfortunately I didn’t get into the show, but fortunately, I now have this really sweet set.  I love stitching these so much.


Mindful Stitching

Day of the Dead Mermaid     WP_20150906_15_07_19_Pro 2

There are times when my mind is racing and not always with thoughts of projects and fun things to do. It projects horrible outcomes for everyday events, it swims in hurtful comments from acquaintances or ridiculous posts on FB – and I find myself overwhelmed by depression and anxiety.  During those times my “go to” method of self soothing is hiding in my bed, but I’m trying so hard not to let that happen.  It’s worrisome to me and to my family.

So last time it happened I dug out an old pattern, one that requires hours of hand stitching. Repetitive stitching of sequins and beads. Nothing challenging because I’ve made this before, just stitching.

I’m so pleased with the outcome, the bright colors, bold lines and that little heart beneath her ribs, all make me smile.


I realized that I haven’t posted a picture of the fish that I (got carried away) making. These are fun little guys to stitch – fairly simple, sequins, organza, big eyes… what’s not to love.  These need to be mounted on stands, which will happen as soon as I can find our drill (did I mention that after a year here in El Segundo we’re still unpacking boxes?).


Bluebird of Happiness

I love working on reverse applique projects because they are ridiculously detailed and the stitching is painstaking. Here is a little timeline of the creation of my latest piece.

WP_20150629_14_19_31_Pro     WP_20150629_16_29_51_Pro    

WP_20150702_17_25_22_Pro     WP_20150702_17_58_07_Pro    

WP_20150702_18_07_24_Pro     WP_20150702_21_18_52_Pro