just one more purse post

it isn’t that I’ve made these all in the past week, I’ve been working on them over a couple of months.  But the taking of pictures, the downloading of pictures and the writing of blogs seems to take awhile.

this purse was made from scraps leftover from the school auction chair that I helped make.  I made a seat cushion out of all these fun fabrics then just sewed the remaining 4 inch wide strips into one long strip, cut it to size and sewed those together, then cut it up again and sewed that together.  It’s a fun way to use scraps and you’re not quite sure what the finished result will be.  Which is the usual case for most of my crafting projects!



and those poppies in the background?  here’s a close up… they are almost done but in a week I’ll cut them back and I usually get a second bloom in a couple of months.

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