piano bench warmer

 So P has started piano lessons.  His teacher is awesome and started P out with three songs, very simply arranged so that he could play recognizable tunes the very first lesson.  With both hands.  P loves it and although we don’t ask him to practice, we’re happy that he’ll sit down at the piano two or three times a week and plunk away.  Especially if there is an audience.  We also get alot of "posing" at the piano explaining how he would play the songs if he were so inclined, or how complicated it is and we wouldn’t understand it.  A few times we’ve had complaints that the keys are too small or too hard to press down.


My concern has been with his skinny little butt on our hard piano bench, so I made this bench cushion.  I was making it as part of the whiplash mini quilt challenge but there too many mistakes to actually submit pictures to a website other than my own, especially when you consider some of the contributions made to their monthly challenges.  Let’s just say I’d be better off posing near my sewing machine explaining how I would make the quilt if I were so inclined or how complicated it is…

Comment 1

  1. jessica June 9, 2007

    This is a great idea! Our piano bench is so hard, I\’ve been trying to figure out what to do and never would have thought to make a mini quilt, I love it!

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