None of our toilets leak, they are all low flow and except for a teeny leak in one faucet we seem to be conserving water quite nicely here at the OK Corral.  But if anyone needs a contraption to make their toilets use less water, we have an extra.

R came flying off the bus the other day with a "kit" from science class for testing our household water usage/wastage.  She was so excited.  This was the wrap-up to their unit on water — we’ve been spreading out puddles lately to increase their speed of evaporation.  I love it when she gets excited about anything other than the summer holiday at Club Penguin so this was a real bonus. 


PS  speaking of "the club" if you have kids and haven’t heard of "the club" this is a really fun, really safe place for kids to play in the virtual world.  We really recommend it.

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