wip & contest

I’ve so many projects on the go that it hardly seems fair to single out a project.  But this is a tote bag being assembled from a thrifted denim skirt.  It is extra big for carrying all those summer essentials.  And as soon as it is finished it will be going home with one lucky reader!


Why you may ask?  Because for some reason my blog has had over 30,000 hits.  I know, that’s crazy!  And I don’t think it’s just my Dad – he does have better things to do.

So if you’d like to be entered in the drawing to win this lovely bag, simply email me at d _ rogal at hotmail dot com with your name and address and the top two reasons you read my blog.  The reasons will be assembled in a post but the winner will be drawn randomly!  If you don’t have a reason, enter anyway — who needs a reason to surf the weeb?!

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