book review

Bend the Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew

by Amy Karol

Lots of you know Amy from her blog, angry chicken, so you’ve been waiting for her book like I have.  And it’s totally worth the wait. 

First of all, it is absolutely beautiful, the colors are bright and beautiful, the layout is simple and clean and the projects are a nice range from simple to just a little bit harder.  Just flipping through it I was inspired and anxious to get sewing.

The idea that it is "bend-the-rules" sewing is interesting.  Amy really does simplify the sewing process, you can throw away some of the steps that you probably do out of habit (pinning), but keep the really important ones (ironing).  It really is about giving you the confidence and freedom to just sit down and sew.  Sew damn you, sew!

 Items I must try this summer include:

  • elf hat (cutest hat ever)
  • tea cozy (second cutest hat ever)
  • painted pillows with the kids
  • "easy" lap quilt (actually it reall does look easy)
  • pleated beauty bag
  • artsy clutch because it’s on the cover and I can’t resist

Definitely two thumbs and worth the purchase.

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