a vegetarian among us

We eat meat.  chicken, beef, lamb, pork.  But our little R has toyed with being a vegetarian since she was about 4-years old.  A couple of weeks ago she broke down in tears when I served ribs for dinner.  She said she just couldn’t do it anymore, she just couldn’t eat animals.

So we are now 1/4 vegetarian in our house.  One quarter of our meals are vegetarian and every meal has an option for both vegetarians and carnivores.  I don’t mind, it isn’t much more work, especially with all the meat-alternatives that are available.  In fact, the night she made her decision I was able to pull out vegan "ribs" from the freezer and heat them up so R could rejoin us at the table.

But today was the big discussion.  Gelatin.  It’s in everything that kids love from gummi bears to marshmallows.  We looked up where gelatin comes from on wikipedia and talked about it.  Rosie held firm, agreeing to give up all the goodness that is in the form of gelatin.  Happily though we have found vegan marshmallows, "starburst", sour gummies and lots of other things and ordered a handful to have on hand.

Comment 1

  1. Teresa Maria July 4, 2007

    Oh my god! I think it\’s so cool such a young girl wanting to be a vegetarian and actually having the guts to go through!!

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