speaking of school of craft

I had a couple of hours to myself yesterday so I sorted through my unfinished, half finished, half started, and not quite started projects.  I sewed a few things together then my sewing machine packed it in.  It’s just the tension that has gone wonky, it doesn’t matter what setting I use it isn’t right so it’s time for a tune up.  So I’ll take it in this week and have it looked at.


finished, a mushroom potholder          started, a peyote stitch bracelet

But that’s fine, it gives me a chance to start my assignment for school of craft.  We are working on an embroidered sampler.  I’ve decided to do some simple black linework on linen with applique.  Not much of a sampler I know, but it’s something I’ve wanted to try for awhile.  I keep seeing it in books and online and I love the look, and it isn’t easy to make your stitches so even as to look like pen and ink and that’s my goal.  And I want to try a new (to me) technique for applique that I’ve seen in a few Japanese quilting books lately.  So, as simple as it seems, it’s still a sampler to me.

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