fabric charm update

*fast breaking news, the final package arrived today.  let the swap begin!

For all of you participating in the fabric charm swap, I just wanted to let you know that I am still waiting on one parcel and really hope that it arrives today.  Tomorrow will be my sorting and swapping day and all packages will be put in the mail on Monday, so you can look forward to receiving your charms next week! 

and here is a look at the goodies that you’ll be receiving in addition to the charms… a little thank you from me! 

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  1. Teresa Maria July 10, 2007

    Oh!! Great!! That probably means that my package has arrived!! Right?
    Oh… just another thing… wandering through my things I found out I forgot to send along with the swap items something special (that I can\’t say what)… So you\’ll probably get something in the mail in a few days or so!!

  2. Teresa Maria July 21, 2007

     Yupi!! I got my own package yesterday!! 🙂
    I made a huge post about it today in my blog, so if you wanna check it out just visit me!!
    Thanks for the lovely surprise package! It really blew me away!! I loved everything!!

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