Iroquois beading

My aunt passed away in April and left to her nieces and nephews her large collection of Iroquois/Mohawk beaded whimsies.  This was beadwork done during Victorian times (late 1800,s – early 1900’s) for tourists to North America.  I decided to put my pieces all together on a wall in my bedroom. 

A couple of pieces are not shown, one because it is too fragile to hang and one because it is a pin cushion (!) so I’m keeping that in my sewing room (aka the garage).

I miss you Auntie Bev.  I think of you every day.


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  1. Cousin Barb July 13, 2007

    Wow – these are really great Dawn. I had no idea your Auntie Bev had this collection – and thanks for the link because it was interesting to read more about them! Love B

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