vacation photos, part 1, heading north east

R and P in the Canyonaro… the kids were fantastic on the road, they were comfy, they had their videos and toys and had no problem with long stretches of driving.  thank goodness.





Quinn’s Resort and Hot Springs in Montana.  Oh yes, we’ll be back.  This was a definate hi-light.  A wonderful spot in the middle of nowhere – perfect.


A little ropin’ and ridin’ at the Bar U ranch just south of Calgary, Alberta.  My dad recommended that we go here and it was one of my favorite stops along the way.  It is a National Historic site, with cowboys and cowgirls and tells the history of the cowboy in western Canada.  We drank cowboy coffee, ate bannock and heard wonderful stories of the "old west" and how the Calgary Stampede came to be.  My favorite was hearing about the chuckwagons.



Lots of this kind of scenery as we got closer to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan… my home town.  Personally I love the prairies and their landscape.  It isn’t really the land you look at as much as the sky. 

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