Waskesiu is a town in the midst of Prince Albert National Park in northern Saskatchewan.  My brother and his family have a cabin there.  We spent a week of our vacation with them there and here are a few photos.  We all had a great time. And we didn’t let that darn cloud we saw on Tuesday disrupt our fun.

Cousins in the Canyonero.


     My honey and I.





all of us.





We spent most days just hanging out at the beach, perfect sun (hot) and water (cool) and enough water toys for half the town.  Like the water scooter (below).


Comment 1

  1. Cousin Barb August 18, 2007

    love the photos – thanks Dawn. Is there a pic of the cabin? And how come I can\’t get a bigger version of the one of you and Derrick. It all looks likes loads of fun. We have Ann & Richard visiting at the moment. Took them to a football/soccer game today, so in return they took us out for dinner. A good deal!! Love and hugs, b

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