my life is so exciting

Today was our first delivery of milk to our door.  yes, we now have a milk man and his name is Travis.  He delivers milk to our house once a week.  And not just milk, he also delivers cheese, yogurt,  laundry soap, cookie dough, coffee and lots of other items.

We are trying to change our eating and living habits and this is one of the many small steps we are taking.  By getting our milk delivered we are:

  • ensuring that we always buy hormone free milk from local cows,
  • reducing the number of trips we make to the grocery store, hopefully cutting back on purchasing non-essential items,
  • cutting out the need to get in the car to drive to the grocery store, saving on gas and (ever so slightly) reducing our carbon footprint.

It’s not that I mind grocery shopping but next to our house payment groceries are our single biggest expense.  And when you are trying to buy local and organic, and trying to cut out restaurant meals, this expense isn’t going to come down. But we can try.  We’ll see.

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