5 days

Miss R was feeling slightly better today so we went to Cougar Mountain Zoo, a little zoo not far from where we live.  We hadn’t been in ages and there are quite a few changes, most notably, two tiger cubs!!!  And they are so adorable…


Of course there was also the old favorites to see, they have a huge collection of macaws and parrots…


and various other cute animals like alpacas, cranes, emus, reindeer, deer, and of course, two male cougars…



On another note… HP has some fun printables including notes for lunchboxes.  This is one of those "perfect mom" things that I start out ever year doing then realize the kids aren’t reading them and don’t really care… sigh.  But these are pretty darn cute and colorful so who knows?  It might grab their attention for the first day or two.

R is so excited about going back to school but is really nervous that P will miss the bus after school.  This is actually R’s biggest fear, she sprints to the bus.  So speaking of printables… this is on his backpack and on Monday we are going to go to school and practice "the run" for the bus with him.

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