on the big comfy couch

Do you remember that show? about Loonette? a clown and her dolly on the big comfy couch?  I must have sang that song a thousand times to R when she was little.  She liked me to sing it to her when I pushed her in the swing at the park.

Sadly I am no longer allowed to sing in the vicinity of my children.  Apparently I’m a terrible singer.

But I digress.  What made me remember this song was buying this little loomette yesterday at the thrift store.  I knew I had seen a project that used one of these and it intrigued me.  I brought it home, did a quick search and, of course, found a wealth of resources including a weave-along that starts next week.  sweet.  I love the Internet crafting community.

I’m hoping to make this outfit to wear to R’s fifth grade graduation, since I don’t seem to embarrass her quite enough these days…

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