blog action day

Today bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment.

This is always a topic of conversation at our house.  We recycle, we try to choose local, organic foods to eat, we garden organically and we are careful about our water and energy use.  But some days it seems that the little bit we do is just that, a little bit.

Over the weekend we ate at a buffet.  Rosie was in tears during the meal and finally said, as she pointed at the styrofoam and plastic dinner ware, "Mommy, none of this can be recycled."  We asked to see the bags that the dinner ware came in and expressed our concern to the person in charge that indeed, all of it had to go into the landfill.  Some days it seems hopeless.

But the little bit we do is having a very strong influence on our children.  Let’s just hope that they have an environment to be concerned about when they become the decision makers.

reduce, reuse, recycle, reforest — even a little bit.

PS Here are the results of Blog Action Day:


Measuring an initiative like Blog Action Day is difficult. In 2007 we asked bloggers to register their blogs and a rough count of RSS subscribers. It is worth remembering that RSS subscriber numbers are only one half of the readership of a blog. Many and in some cases all of a blog’s readership will simply be visitors to the site. The real reach of Blog Action Day is far greater than the number below.

20,603 Blog Participated

23,327 Blog Posts (Google Blog Search)

14,631,038 RSS Readers

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  1. Dawn October 15, 2007

    Oh Barb!  Can you believe that?  I just called our local recycling company and we can put our Starbuck\’s (and other\’s) coffee cups in our yard waste. Paul was telling me that the University of Sasakatchewan uses compostable dinner ware for large conferences — compostable!  How cool is that.

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