zen habits

You may have noticed that I took away my list of favorite crafty blogs (the list on the left of my blog).  Not because these aren’t still some of my favorite blogs, but because I just have too many blogs and websites that I enjoy and I was feeling guilty (hey, I’m allowed, I’m Canadian) that I wasn’t including everyone.  Instead I thought that every time a site "moves" me I’ll write about and you can choose to add it to your list of favorites if you like.

On that note…

Zen Habits is a wonderful site, incorporating easy zen ideas into everyday life.  This is something that really appeals to me.  Simplify.  Reduce.  Relax. Focus.  I also like the way that it encapsulates many of the ideas that I have garnered from other "habits".  For example, the article, Zen Mind: How to Declutter reads like a FlyLady post.  Ten Ideas for Connecting with Your Kids reads like several of the ideas from the simplicity parenting class I attended in August.

Now for a moment of meditation before I go break up the fight downstairs…

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