it’s official

I didn’t want to talk about it until everything was official.  This past weekend we took possession of our little vacation home in Ocean Shores.

For people who don’t know the geography around Seattle you may be surprised to hear that we really aren’t close to the ocean at all.  Puget Sound is salt water so we have plenty of access to interesting and/or sandy beaches, but it is a good drive to the actual Pacific Ocean. 

When we need some ocean time, we head to Ocean Shores.  A funky little community with miles of sandy beaches, great abandoned jetties that house lots of interesting sea creatures at low tide, great beach combing, constant winds for flying kits… you get the picture.


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  1. Cousin Barb October 18, 2007

    How fab!! You all look so well, happy, relaxed and what\’s that? A vegetarian fishing?! And the house looks great (but is missing some lime green methinks). When you\’ve got some indoor pics, be sure to post them! I\’m wondering if that big pipe means there\’s a fire/wood burning stove? Love Bxoxo

  2. Dawn October 23, 2007

    shhh, don\’t say "lime green" too loud or Derick will hear you!  It\’s coming, don\’t worry!  And yes, a vegetarian fishing — with a rock as bait.

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