post-Halloween recap

I envy all those people who manage to get enough photos to create a Halloween scrapbook page or album. (Not that I would be scrap booking but the papers and embellishments are so darn cute!) Over the course of the 10 years I’ve had a kid or two around I’ve managed to get about three decent photos.

Here is this year’s crop.  Note our salute to MacBeth at right…


  Camo Ninja                               Shadow Ninja

Comment 1

  1. Cousin Barb November 2, 2007

    Fantastic ninjas!! Great costumes!! And I love the penguin witches….hilarious… I sat at home waiting patiently for some kids to ring the bell (watched some cooking programmes on TV to pass the time). I had some candies ready to hand out. Finally! The bell rang! I ran for my candy container, and eagerly opened the front door. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation….I shivered and gasped….it was ….a very large person wearing a really scaring looking black suit, dark tie, creepily white shirt – very frightening indeed….Yes, you guessed. Jeremy couldn\’t be bothered to get his key out of his pocket so rang the door instead. No kids came. Hallowe\’en isn\’t so big over here – and I think the mothers conspire to only take their kids to other houses where they know there are kids….sad really. Anyway – loved the pics! I checked your blog today hoping I\’d see your photos! Thanks Dawn…xoxoxo

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