handmade holidays

I can hear my brother groaning already,  "another handmade gift from my sister — just send the cash already!".  I love him.  And hey buddy, it’s that or nothin’ and I’ll save lots on shippin’ nothin’.

But this year everyone is getting homemade gifts.  I think.  That’s the plan, but I’m saying this oh so optimistically here on November 2.  Ask me again on December 22nd when I’m stuffing gifts into a FedEx box hoping against hope that it will get to Canada on time and it better because I’m spending more on the shipping than I spent on the gifts.  Not that that has ever happened…

But along to help are the kind folks at the Sew Mama Sew blog.  Thirty days of gifts to sew.   Take a look Paul, I’m thinking you’d like a pincushion.  November 19th is "tech gifts" so maybe I’ll hold out until then to decide what to make for you.

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