boots and booty

Rubber boots and waterproof gloves make beach combing much much better.  It was a warm, sunny weekend at the shore and we took full advantage of it.  We went beach combing, mini golfing and generally played outside as much as possible.  R and Derick even took the boat out.  And as we ate breakfast one morning we saw three deer, a heron and five river otters playing on the bank.  The otters were so darn cute, the kids and I went crazy.

Here are a few snaps…  PS no sea stars were killed, in fact we threw one back because we thought he might have a little life left in him.  This guy, not so much.

omg these guys were cute.  They all tumbled up onto the bank in a heap, played for awhile then took off along the bank.  One guy was busy scratching himself, looked up then took off after them.  They played more in the reads, then slid under a dock and swam down the canal.

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