mission accomplished

So there are certain jobs at my house that, when accomplished, I feel that there is no need to do anything else that day.  For example, cleaning the litter box.  Doing that constitutes an entire day of housework as far as I’m concerned.

Today it was changing the bulbs in the bathroom light fixture.  I’m sure this fixture was an original when the the house was built.  If not, shame on whoever actually chose this hideous thing.  It has to be removed from the wall (requiring me to drag in a chair to stand on), cleaned because it is a deathtrap for all flying insects who venture near it, and it takes 8 (eight!!) 60 watt light bulbs at nearly $2 each.  It’s ridiculous.  We have been down to the last bulb in it for over a week now.  I was to the point of taking in a flash light in case the last bulb went out when someone was in there. 

But I did it.  I am so smart. s-m-r-t.*  P screamed when he turn on the light — it was so bright.  Tomorrow I’ll have to clean the bathroom because now you can see that ring in the tub.  sigh.

*extra points to whoever recognized the Simpsons reference there.

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