Can you believe it?  Today is the third anniversary of my little blog.  To date I have had 36683 visitors to my blog. And after three years I still can’t say exactly why I blog.

Part of it is to just sit down and write.  As a consultant for many years, most of my job consisted of communicating ideas to clients be that as a report, specs, presentations or other documentation.  I even wrote scripts for training videos.  So to not write is difficult for me.  It also makes me use my brain and in the world of a stay-at-home mom, that is saying a lot.  So much of what you end up doing is on autopilot — in fact, here is a video that says it all (thanks to my sister-in-law Pat for passing this one along).

Part of it is to let my family and friends know what’s going on. I’m not a phone person.  I like email.  I like instant messenger.  I like the quiet that goes with communicating with my computer.  If I need to yell at the kids or get a cup of coffee I can do that while chatting.  And in the world of digital photography, I rarely get prints made so being able to show pictures of my kids to my family via my blog is wonderful.

Part of it is to be part of a larger community of like-minded women.  Amy, Moki, Raesha, Lainie… all women I have met through the Internet, all women I consider my very good friends.  All women I can talk to about family, parenting, crafting.  All women I have never met in person.

Part of it is a journal.  I may not write down every thought or feeling but I look back on my entries and remember things that I might otherwise have forgotten. 

Thanks for visiting.  Thanks for reading.  And especially, thanks for listening.

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