winter visitors

We had so much snow on Saturday, it was beautiful.  It was the big fluffy flakes that pile onto the branches of the trees and make it look like a, well, a winter wonderland. 

Yesterday it began to rain though and now we have a soggy mess, and today there are flood and wind warnings.  A typical northwest winter.  Hopefully the power outages they are predicting will be less severe than last year’s seven day outage. 

In the meantime, here is some of the "wildlife" we’ve been seeing on our back deck…

This is a little Anna’s Hummingbird.  These feisty little guys over winter here.  This was news to me, I thought they all migrated but apparently there are enough flowers around to keep these birds here all winter.  The pair that comes to our feeders are very bold and don’t fly away if we are out on the deck.

And speaking of bold, we have a family of five raccoons that visit us in the evening to steal bird seed and peanuts.  Here is one checking out the cats’ bed.

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