crafting crafting crafting

phew.  I’ve been crafting up a storm lately, making Christmas presents for friends and family, but also a few things for a fund raising craft sale at the local Waldorf school.  The presents are top secret, but here are the craft sale items…

These are ornaments made from beeswax melted in a chocolate mold.  If any of you know the Waldorf school, beeswax is used for a lot of things.  Evelyn and I made these from plain and colored beeswax.  Really fun and the results are awesome.  And if you hang the ornament near lights on the tree you can smell the wax, but they won’t melt.  I think these would be fun to make from leftover candles or crayons as well.  I’m keeping my eye out for more molds!

The other items are an assortment of bibs, totes, hot pads and one little quilt for a wall.  All of these are from my stash of projects.

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