storm update (seriously)

We had a short weekend at the cottage.  We’re glad we drove there in daylight to see some of the storm damage and navigate the roads.  A really nice barbeque restaurant on the outskirts of Olympia was hit by a mudslide and was all boarded up, hundreds of trees were downed — many snapped near the top which gives you an idea of the strength of the winds, plenty of power lines bent to the ground by fallen trees and there were a lot of roofs that looked like they had lost shingles. 

Not much damage in Ocean Shores, except to the beaches.  One park that we go to is completely different — we think the storm blew waves and sand right across the point to the other side which is Gray’s Harbor.  The park is covered in debris — huge trees moved around, dunes gone, grasses flattened and huge rocks that were on the beach pushed out to sea.  The parking lot is gone, the sand under the pavement eroded away causing the pavement to buckle and crumble.  Where it isn’t crumbled it is covered by about a foot of sand.  We spent about an hour beach combing and looking at the changes. This park is a protected area for western snowy plovers, a tiny endangered shorebird that nests here in the spring.  Boy, are they going to be pissed.


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