teacher’s gifts

We like to give each of our kids’ teachers gifts this time of year but we have a bit of a dilemma.  R has three (3!) homeroom teachers, a science teacher, an English teacher and an orchestra teacher.  Parker has one homeroom teacher and a music teacher.  They both have the same phys ed and art teachers.  Added all together that is 10 teachers we’d like to thank.

So this year we donated to Heifer in their honor.  We bought two bee hives and Microsoft will match our donation.  We chose bees because R, our little vegetarian, wasn’t comfortable giving some of the other gifts that might become food such as a flock of chicks.  We’ve made cards for each teacher and hopefully they’ll appreciate this type of a gift.  I’m sure the family receiving the honeybees, the training and a new livelihood will appreciate it.

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