the home stretch

things are starting to slow down a bit around here as we enter the pre-Christmas home stretch.  I’ve all my boxes mailed, all the gifts bought and have even wrapped all the presents for the kids (breaking with our Christmas Eve tradition).  The tree is up and decorated.  Twice.  (Our cat Rainbow keeps climbing the tree and knocking the ornaments off.)  I’ve just a couple of home made gifts to finish but one late night of movie watching should do it.


And this is what I bought Derick for Christmas.  Oh yes, I picked it out all by myself.

Of course not, but this is what he wanted and I said okay.  It’s a little tiny computer (in the picture it is the one on top of my laptop).  It has all the functionality of my laptop and more.  The screen flips around so you can hold it like a paperback.  In fact, D downloaded a bunch of books from the library for just that purpose.  It’s so little and cute.

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