movies i’d really like to see this holiday season

Wow, so many movies, so little time.  So far this season we’ve seen The Golden Compass which we all really enjoyed.  The effects of course are amazing.  Go to their web site to find your daemon!

But there are more movies that I’d love to see.  Of course, my boyfriend Johnny is in Sweeney Todd, a Tim Burton movie so I have to see it.  The fact that Alan Rickman and Sacha Baron Cohen are in it is a huge bonus.

I’d also like to see Atonement, the book was amazing.  And I am Legend, just because it’s a sci-fi thriller and to be honest I think Will Smith can be quite good.  Walk Hard is a maybe, I may wait for it on DVD, but if it’s still in theatres when the kids go back to school, a matinee may be in order.  The sound track is supposed to be surprisingly good.

And with all these great movies out do you want to know the movie that I am most likely going to end up seeing?  No, I’ve already seen Enchanted.  Guess again!  National Treasure 2, maybe but that’s not it.  Yes, of course.  The number one movie I’m most like to see this holiday season… turn your sound way up and click here.

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  1. Cousin Barb December 22, 2007

    you are too too cruel – and near Christmas too – shame, triple shame on you! I clicked on that \’here\’, with the volume turned up. It\’s a good thing there are no cruel cells in my body. But thanks for the tip on getting my own daemon. My poor little nephew Jamie, thought the movie was really good – except they mispronounced daemon. The whole time he spent reading it (all 3 volumes) he pronounced it in his head as day-mon. Of course, I LOVED the movie – but it should have been about 14 hours longer. Love your cousin b with special hugs as its Christmas and I forgive you for being so cruel. xo

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