last minute crafting

I’m stitching madly on a gift for a friend who is dropping by later today.  Yes, it is the last minute and that means time to finish things up.  Sadly my camera is being troublesome and our other camera is at the cottage, so all I can do is write about my latest creations (but trust me, I’m so pleased with them):

  • little drawstring bags (lined) for children who need little bags to keep treasures in.  For R’s friend E I added to hers a dragon bookmark made from a fabulous dragon charm and various beads, a cherub soap, and fortune telling sticks.  I made the sticks by printing out a photo of the golden compass and clipping out each of the symbols.  There are no rules, just E’s imagination needed for foretelling the future with them.
  • school notebooks covered with beautiful sparkly card stock papers with an added ribbon closure.  For children who need a secret place to draw.
  • the little guy I’m working on… I may get the recipient to take a picture because it’s so darn cute.

Once I’m done I’m going to sit down with a cup of tea and write my Christmas cards.  Plenty of time left before Christmas for those!

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