ready for the big day

The kids are frantic with excitement.  they can hardly contain themselves, despite the fact that they’ve been allowed to open two presents each, from friends.  Tonight they get to open presents from their cousins to tide them over.

I did a quick grocery shop because we decided to actually enjoy a Christmas dinner tomorrow rather than the traditional big breakfast followed by snacks all day.  So R and I wrote out a menu:

  • buns with butter
  • macaroni salad
  • broccoli with cheese sauce
  • tofurkey with stuffing and gravy

Yes.  Tofurkey.  Never did I imagine that I’d be buying tofurkey on Christmas Eve.  Oh, I’ve heard of it, snickered about it, even made fun of celebrities talking about it.  But this year I bought it.  At Safeway.  Yup, the regular neighborhood grocery store.  Not some hole in the wall food co-op fun by aging hippies.  No, tofurkey is now standard fare and readily available.  Tofurkey for crap’s sake.

Okay Miss R.  In the spirit of family unity and not killing animals we will be enjoying our tofurkey tomorrow. 

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