My Seahawks lost today to the Packers.  Now I say this like I’m an ardent fan.  I’m a fan, but this is really the first game I’ve watched all year.  The saddest thing though is that I lost a bet to my brother.  He, and his entire family, are huge Packers fans.  The bet was to buy the other family something for their cottage.

I’m thinking that I’ll buy my brother something carved with a chainsaw.  But not by someone who’s actually good at this.  You know, something by the guy who’s had a few drinks prior to firing up said chainsaw.  It has to be quite large as well.  And ugly.  Did I mention ugly?

So if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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  1. Unknown January 14, 2008

    Just make sure if the guy lops off any limbs that they are included!  I warned you and warned you that recruiting David Hasslehoff as your quarterback was a mistake!
    Perhaps a set of Seattle Seahawk cying towels or an "excusometer".  Their appear to be lots of these on ebay!
    Love – your little brother.

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