printmaking r me

I had my printmaking class last night and had a terrible sleep.  All I can think about are prints.

We did monotypes which is really sort of like "painting" on a printing plate with oil-based printing inks then sending it through the press.  You only get one shot at it and you never really know what you are going to get.  So cool.  I did five prints, one I’m going to keep and the rest, well, I may take them back next week and print over top of them to see what I get next.   I’m very excited, can you tell?


Comment 1

  1. rosebudinnh January 24, 2008

    oh wow these are great, I dont blame you , I love these. oh this looks fun. please keep me updated . this is wonderful, Is this done by one color at a time? then let dry and do another. this is very interesting…

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