so a couple of weeks ago

I had the stomach flu.  My dear friend Sophie let me bring P over to her house and while she kept an eye on the kids I languished on her couch.  A few days later I felt almost human again, but then, it began.  I shan’t go into details but let’s just say I was not pleasant to be around.

So I sent off a note to my lovely cousin Cathy, a dietician.  She sent back a long email full of advice on how to fix what amounted to kind of a temporary lactose intolerance.  Having her around to ask such questions of always makes me think that every doctor’s office should have a dietician on staff.  But I digress.  I kind of followed her advice and kind of got better.  So then I really followed her advice and got a lot better.  But it’s still there, a long lingering tummy bug and I simply can’t go near dairy.  How sad!  I love dairy.  I love cheese.  I love milk.  I love chocolate milk. 

And I especially love lots and lots of milk in my coffee.  I bought some soy creamer for my coffee.  How they milk those little beans is beyond me, but it isn’t too bad.  But it isn’t milk.  I’m so sad.

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