loomette weaving challenge

I set aside my little loom over the holidays so that I could focus on getting a few gifts made.  But recently the eloomanator had a little challenge!  The six square smackdown.  Well, I had to try, didn’t I? 

At first I thought of felting six squares and seeing what it gave me.  But six regular size squares is pretty small as it is so that idea was quickly abandoned.  So, I got out a stack of my Japanese craft books and started leafing through for inspiration.  I picked six squares from my stash made from yarn given to me by my friend Sophie.  And here is the result…

I’m so pleased!  The basket is lined with coordinating fabric, the six squares are stitched together then stitched to the lining and a ribbon tie is woven along the top.  It is the perfect size for holding a small craft project, a small loom (!) or for wrapping an extra special gift.  The hardest part is finding a basket just the right size for the length of the squares (22").

The entries to the challenge are being posted so if you are interested, scoot on over there.  There will be tutorials and more ideas for using these great little squares.


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