the silence of the yams

I heard this quote the other day while listening to NPR. (Many of my discussion points with friends begin with the phrase, "I was listening to NPR…".  So much so in fact that we roll our eyes when I say this. But I digress.)

Michael Pollen writes about nutrition.  But then, who doesn’t these days?  (why oh why would I take nutrition advice from someone who’s main claim to fame is being a cab driver on "Taxi"?)  Okay, once again, I digress.

But this struck a chord with me as I try to find my way in the nutritional maelstrom of today’s grocery stores.  After a quick search I found the entire quote in a New York Times article entitled "Unhappy Meals";

"Avoid even those food products that come bearing health claims. They’re apt to be heavily processed, and the claims are often dubious at best. Don’t forget that margarine, one of the first industrial foods to claim that it was more healthful than the traditional food it replaced, turned out to give people heart attacks. When Kellogg’s can boast about its Healthy Heart Strawberry Vanilla cereal bars, health claims have become hopelessly compromised. (The American Heart Association charges food makers for their endorsement.) Don’t take the silence of the yams as a sign that they have nothing valuable to say about health."

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