winter break

an alternate title might be… what? another holiday? don’t these kids ever go to school?
I am around, but so are the children.  I love them, I really do.  But I’m running out of ideas to keep them "occupied" and "out of my hair".  We’ve made the pyramid money bank painted with a mixture of sand and gold paint (thanks to Evelyn who gave that kit to P-man for his birthday), we’ve made perler bead fish, we’ve started everyone’s science fair projects (they are both doing experiments with plants), Derick even brought home Viva Pinata Party Animals for the Xbox and Zoo Tycoon 2 for the PC.  Today we are off to buy P-man new shoes and R a sensitive plant for her experiments.  Then the library.  That should cover about an hour. sigh.

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  1. Cousin Barb February 25, 2008

    Suggestions from a non-parent who hears this all the time from other parents:1. Clean your room competition: see how clean and tidy you can make your room, your closet, your drawers etc in 5 hours. Prize to the winner is the option of not cleaning your room again for a month. Even if it\’s already clean, it can ALWAYS get cleaner if you put your thinking cap on. You are not allowed to leave your room for 5 hours. If you clean your room in less time than that, then amuse yourself by admiring its cleanliness but STAY IN YOUR ROOM. OK – maybe 3 hours.2. Play by yourself competition: Pretend you have, no car, no MOM. The child who can go longest without asking Mom for anything wins a special prize: not having to clean your room for a month. Min of 1.5 hours without asking Mom for anything.3. Book reports – emphasis on the plural: Pretend you have no electricity, no TV, no portable radios, gadgets. Pretend you are at your cousins summer cabin but there\’s no lake! Oh, and there\’s no MOM for 2 hours. Read two books (min 15 pages). Write two book reports. Choose which one you think Mom will like the most and after 2 hours ask her to read them and choose. The prize is not having to clean your room for a month.4. Drop them at the library again and tell them you\’ll see them 15 minutes before closing time. I mean really, what can happen in a library?5. Paint by number kits for each. No help from Mom – prize is….you guessed it!See – easy peasy!!! Ha ha ha ha. If the prize of not cleaning their rooms for a month isn\’t good enough, you\’re getting your incentive/motivation programme all wrong somewhere. Trust me, I know about these things. I worked for the same bloody company for 5 years without a pay increase. Remember – YOU ARE THE PARENT….repeat after me….I AM THE PARENT. I AM THE PARENT. Ho ho ho (don\’t repeat the ho ho ho bit)

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