mummies r us

P got this set for his birthday from my lovely friend Evelyn.  It was of course meant for me, but P loved it.  And I have to say, having now completed all the little projects in it, that this is hands down the best kid’s craft kit we’ve ever tried.

For starters, absolutely everything you need is included in the kit.  The projects are easy enough for the 8+ crowd to do on their own, but since P is 7 I helped him out a bit, but not much.  The mummy is made by wrapping gauze over a plastic skeleton (that was cool on it’s own!) but best of all, the gauze is pre-glued somehow so all you have to do is dip it in water and wrap it around the skeleton.  It completely dried over night.

And the best thing?  P is all over this ancient Egypt stuff.  He’s reading a book he picked out at the used book store and got two more from the library.  He’s writing stuff out in hieroglyphics.  He’s using the mummy’s tomb as a race car.  It’s all good.  Two thumbs up.  Thanks Evelyn!!

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