earth hour

we’re in.  in fact, I’m rushing to post this because we’ll be shutting everything down in a bit.  go here if you’re not familiar with Earth Hour.  It’s a great idea.  We’ll be telling spooky stories in the dark or we may go for a walk.  It’s amazing how turning off electricity brings a family together.

Here’s what various members of family are saying about it:

  • When they planned this did they not realize hockey was on?  If somehow I hook up my TV to Mitchell’s bike and have him ride for the hour does that count?
  • Yes, our condo is participating in Earth Hour – and encouraging folks to spend the hour in the Harbour Room with candles and conversation… Can’t say I’m looking forward to it. seems like hard work for a weekend.
  • What? And miss ‘I’d do anything’ on BBC One (in search of the next Nancy for Oliver – we’ve moved on since finding Maria…and Joseph…) and then miss the National Lottery draw on BBC Two (which this week is being hosted, coincidentally, by Connie Fisher – the winner of How to Solve a Problem like finding the next Maria from two years ago). Oh – OK. Guess we can do that. But just this week!
  • We’re in! We’re going to sit around a table in the dark, with only the glow of our Blackberries, texting each other spooky stories …

I love my family.

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