printing class tonight


My class starts tonight and I can hardly wait.  I’ve bought my paper, gone through all my stuff from last class and even framed my two favorite prints (funnily enough, they are from the first and second classes). 

And I made a new bag to carry all my stuff back and forth.  I wanted something with very stiff sides but not a real artist’s portfolio because, well, I would feel pretentious carrying one and I haven’t seen too many in the colors that I like.

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  1. Cousin Barb April 7, 2008

    Great bag!! I love the colours – but what\’s the stuff in the background? You\’re so great. Most other blog-Moms-who-make-beautiful-things have special photography studios so that their pictures look like museum pieces. You are a REAL B-M-W-M-B-T!

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