back from the cottage

aaahhhh. Three days at the cottage.  It seems so luxurious compared to the quick two day weekends we usually take.  The weather was a bit iffy, but we still managed to get in lots of beach time, a movie (Nim’s Island), a round of mini-golf and lots and lots of relaxation. 

Oh, and we made homemade spaghetti and linguini.  There is a long story leading up to this, which I will get to later this week.  Let’s just say it is phase two in R’s evil plan to lead us further into the depths of healthy eating.

"But mo-oo-om, the less our food is processed the healthier it is," she says.  Can you imagine when she’s a teenager?  We’ll be living off the grid and making our own bamboo shoes.

Now the kids are on spring break.  So much for relaxing.

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