birthday goodness

I knew something was up.  But I wasn’t sure what.  The house was clean, the cottage was clean and believe me, it wasn’t any of my doing!

There are lots of details, but let’s just say, I’m at my cottage for a week without my husband and kids but with my girlfriend Gail (who was my bridesmaid and flew in all the way from London, Ontario) and my cousin Cathy (who came in from Kelowna, BC) and my neighbor Terria (who came in from next door).

It has been a non-stop craft-a-thon as we spent an hour at Shipwreck beads on the way up and made a trip to the local bead shop as well.  We’ve also been carving stamps, and altered board books are on the agenda.  We’ve beach combed, shopped, been out for many nice meals.  The rest of the week is Gail and I, we’ll be sure to get into trouble.

And all thanks to my husband who arranged everything.  He’s a great guy.  A definite keeper.

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