time for an update

tired of that SpongeBob post yet?  To be honest, it has taken me a week to get over my week of relaxation.  How is that possible?  But this week I’ve got to have my wits about me as Derick is off to Las Vegas for "work".

Here are a few pictures of the crafting that I accomplished while at Ocean Shores with my girlfriends.  Lots and lots of beading, we stopped at Shipwreck Beads on the way down and made two trips to the (rudely overpriced) local bead store as well. 



And quite a bit of carving was done as I introduced my cousin Cathy and my friend Gail to carving speedykut blocks for relief printing.  I did one block based on a drawing of a pelican by Miss R and another of a nautilus.  I’m really happy with both but R says the pelican isn’t quite right so I guess I’ll on it.


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