this was unexpected

What started as a stomach ache, then flu really turned out to be appendicitis. 

It was the sharp pain (just below and to the right of her bellybutton) that was the clue that perhaps I should call the nurse (who normally would be my friend Sophie, but I called out health care provider’s nurse, who had a doctor call us — we have awesome insurance).

Our little Miss R had her appendix removed last night and is now resting somewhat comfortably.  Poor little thing.  I have to say though it is nice to see her smile and with a little color in her cheeks, she was very different this time yesterday.

So now we’re just waiting on the doctor to see when she can come home.


Miss R is home and doing really well, in fact, it only hurts when she laughs.  So the all day "Yo Mama Mother’s Day Cartoon Marathon" yesterday probably wasn’t the best of ideas.  Today we’ll get her walking a bit more and eating a few more solid foods.  She’s amazing.  Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, all that positive energy really helps, and I so appreciate it!

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