all things bacon

I know, an odd title considering I’m vegetarian…

This is so funny and a perfect little project for an evening after a particularly bad day…  Alice over at futuregirl is so funny, and her felt patterns are so perfect.  Click here for project details and to see what the heck I’m talking about.



And on a bacon related note, I’ve discovered the wonderful goodness of Morningstar Farm’s veggie bacon strips… This is a long discussion really.  When deciding to "convert" I wholeheartedly embraced all the meat-like meat alternatives.  This has worked out very well, but I’ve also learned how to cook without these alternatives, but still getting enough protein in my diet and not counting on pasta and beans and cheese at every meal. 


But bacon, can we ever really give it up???  This is the closest thing that I’ve tried and I’m so excited.  I don’t have to give up BLT’s.  Or scrambled eggs and bacon.  I sound like Homer Simpson.

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