printmaking class update

I finally made it back to printmaking class after a two week hiatus.  Luckily for me I’d only missed one lesson.  But it also meant I was a bit unprepared for this week’s class.  We did paper lithography, an updated version of stone lithography.  It is the same principle, but instead of stone we used a photocopy of the image we wanted to print.  We coated the image, front and back, in a gum arabic and water mix, soaked the paper thoroughly until you could see where the black portions of the print repelled the water.  Then we inked the paper with oil-based inks and oh so carefully moved the image to the printing paper and ran it through the press.  You can usually just get one good ghost in your run, and you can probably only re-ink the image once more before the paper is too fragile and the image begins to deteriorate too much.  (As always though, and one of the reasons I love printmaking, you never know what you’re going to end up with so play, play, play until your image is a sloshy mess of paper.)

I didn’t have a photo of my own to use, but Krista, a lovely woman in my class, gave me a copy of a photo of an anemone (oh yes, I was tempted to go on about the "anemone" episode in SpongeBob but since I’m the only one in class with kids…)  Here is my print…

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