dandelion jelly

mmmm, dandelions. 

This is a crop that I specialize in each spring.  So I thought I’d have more than enough dandelion flowers to make Martha’s dandelion jelly recipe, after all, you only needed four cups of the yellow and white part of the flower.  But even with my bumper crop it took three days to gather enough.  Of course, it didn’t help that my kids kept scrunching the pile down.  But it did help when R figured out the prep went a lot faster if you cut off the green part at the bottom of the flower then twisted the petals out.


Step 1: harvest                   Step 2: prepare                                 Step 3: enjoy!


please note: don’t try this if you’ve sprayed or used anything at all to combat your dandelions, and only use dandelions you know to be pesticide-free.  And if you are using stuff to combat weeds or bugs in your garden, well, we should talk.

Comment 1

  1. rosebudinnh May 22, 2008

    wow My grand mom used to make this…  No one belived me about the dandelion jelly. Also in early spring we d go to the river and pick fiddleheads, and cook them up with salt pork in the pressure cooker, So tastey……

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