wildlife update

We spent the weekend at Ocean Shores with our friends the Rapps.  It was all great, good food, good friends, great weather, an art exhibit down the street, kids collapsing into bed each night… but I think the best was all the wildlife that we had the chance to see, and with Sophie and her son there, we had help identifying everything…

Violet Greens, these are swallows that were everywhere, dipping over the canal to catch bugs and sitting on the power lines singing.  I love their name.

Barn Swallows, Sophie reminded me that we also saw these guys.  She has the eagle eye, honestly, with all the swooping and darting, I couldn’t tell them apart!

Muskrat, a little guy swimming around in the canal.  We’ve seen otters before but this was the first time we’ve seen a muskrat.  He was a little bolder and quite sweet.

Little Brown Bats, I must admit, I’ve never seen bats in the wild before and it was so cool to watch these guys fly around at night.  Honestly, I would have thought they were more swallows except that they came out as the sun was setting.  We were all so excited to see these guys.  We now have big plans to set up a bat house (or two) near the cabin.

Sea stars, at low tide we saw quite a few purple and orange sea stars along with anemone and one little dungeness crab.  Of course, there were many references to Patrick and Mr. Crabs.  There was no sign of SpongeBob.  Oh, and we saw a hermit crab too.

and the best for last…

Harbor Seal pups, yup, right on the beach.  Demonstrating the type of mother I sometimes feel like, mother sea lions just leave their pups on the beach and head off to fish for the day.  The three pups were just sleeping or peeking out at everyone. 

Of course, in a perfect world this works out quite well for the moms, but in our world there are ignorant people with sticks and cameras who insist on getting as close as possible to these helpless little guys.  I won’t go on, I shed enough tears over this yesterday at the beach.  Let’s just say, it was so amazing to see.

photo is taken from www.discoverychannel.com

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