if you aren’t keen on planting a home garden, whatever you do, don’t read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and her family.  I am reading it.  It’s definitely going to change my life, and unbeknownst to my family, it’s going to change theirs.  Even Miss R, our resident environmental watchdog, is going to be taken aback.

Baby steps though.  Yesterday P and I planted beans, onions and marigolds in our little vegetable plot.  I took my herbs that I’ve grown in pots and planted them in my rock garden.  At the store today I picked up some tomatoes, Swiss chard, corn and garlic.  I’m too late to start things from seed(except the beans, and I’ll get some watermelon seeds too) so I’ve splurged and bought everything already started.


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  1. amy June 2, 2008

    You\’re a full year ahead of me with the vegetable gardening.  I\’m going to build a raised bed over the summer and give gardening by the foot a try.  Your rock garden is lovely by the way.

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