i’m baaaaack

I love the cottage, and being able to spend 10 days in a row there is heavenly.  But is it a sad commentary on my life that I miss being able to blog while I’m there?  It is the only thing that I miss and I guess I could drag the kids out to various WiFi hot spots to post, but it isn’t exactly the most relaxing thing to do.  We’ve talked about getting Internet access at the cottage but it is cutting back on that sort of thing that allows us to have the cottage so, anyway… 

The shore was so nice.  Lovely beaches, nice weather, fun things to do around town.   The weekdays in the summer are still quite quiet.  You can have an entire beach to yourself some days.



The fourth was a hair raising experience though.  Everyone from a four-state area was on the beach lighting fire works.  And I mean everyone.  It was insane.  Oh, we had our own box, call the "Tower of Power" but it paled in comparison to some of the pyrotechnics that we saw.  holy crap.  People less than a hundred yards down the beach from us put on a display that rivaled some I’ve seen put on by cities.  We brought chairs and camped out downwind and next to the car to watch.  We lasted almost two hours then agreed that it was getting just a wee bit crazy…  I took a few pictures, here is the best of the lot.

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